For our science project, we have to create a system that shows 3 different energy transformations.  The system needs to be able to work on its own and it needs to be interesting.  So, for example, a marble going down a ramp and hitting a horn would be gravitational potential, kinetic, and sound. 

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Well, it sounds like you're already off to a good start.  Energy can be interchangeable, as you have already described in your example.  When you lift the marble up to a certain height above the floor, you are building gravitational energy into the positioning of the marble by doing so.  When the marble is released and starts moving on a designed track, the energy from gravitational potential energy (stored energy) starts converting over into kinetic energy (energy of motion).  From here, you can have the marble impact a switch, causing a horn to sound, which would be sound energy.  That would also be chemical energy, if you are powering the horn with a battery.  If the marble turns on a light, that would be light energy.  You see, you already had the groundwork for a great idea.  All that remains is how you want to design it, then put the plan into action and build it.  You should have absolutely no problem demonstrating a minimum of at least three energy transfers.

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