''Our problems are man made, therefore they can be solved by man.'' How does this statement relate to Obama's Job Act?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

President Kennedy's statement affirms the idea that government can be an agent of solving problems within the economic and social configuration of the nation.  His idea of "man-made problems" can be countered with "man-made solutions" brings to light the idea that government can be a force to "promote the general welfare" through policies and legislation.  For Kennedy, the problems that subsume a nation are created by human beings, which means that solutions can be devised to target these challenges.  The statement does not resign the nation and its leaders to a position of helplessness where by economic laws and edicts control reality.  From this, President Kennedy believed in speaking from a position of strength and empowering action.   President Obama's jobs act represents Kennedy's idea because it is a form of legislation that is designed to tackle the economic crisis through the vein of employment.  For example, the act cuts the Payroll Tax, which is argued will spurn business growth as well as increase worker take- home pay.  Both elements strike at the heart of the current economic crisis in that a lack of growth and rising costs hurt both the businesses and the workers who function within them.  The Payroll Tax reduction is an example of how a man-made problem is confronted with a man-made solution.  Another example is to provide tax credit in hiring former veterans.  The man-made problem of not hiring veterans returning from war is met with the solution of providing incentives to do so.  These would be examples of how the Kennedy quote is met with the Obama legislation.