Is there another way to treat ADHD  other than taking medicine? Other than stimulant medications, for example Ritalin, that are commonly used for ADHD.

Expert Answers
litteacher8 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

ADHD can be treated with special diets and lifestyle changes.

I know a little boy who is six years old.  His parents have lamented for a few months about his behavior and progress in school.  They had the boy tested for learning disabilities, but he scored high.  The psychologist who tested him recommended cutting dairy out of his diet completely for ten days.  The parents were skeptical, but they did it.  Within a few days his handwriting, focus, attitude, and grades improved.

This is a real life example about how something as simple as diet change can be used to treat ADD.  It is not just as simple as cutting sugar and processed foods from the diet.  Studies are mixed, but suggestions include not just dairy elimination but also gluten, sugar, and even specific foods.  Some children really do have allergies to these that can cause changes in behavior.

Scientific research on ADHD diets is limited and results are mixed. Many health experts, however, do believe that diet may play a role in relieving ADHD symptoms.  (webmd)

First of all, a healthy lifestyle is key to treating ADD or ADHD without drugs.  Kids should try cutting out certain foods to see if there is a difference.  Kids can also be tested for food allergies.  It is also important to maintain a healthy diet, and talk to the child’s doctor before making dramatic changes.

Children who eat better and are healthier will do better in school.  The best way to treat ADHD with diet is to watch the effect certain foods have on the child’s behavior.