other than his appearance and location what other skills did he display that was essential to hisa success? this story is from AN ASTROLOGER'S DAY WRITTEN BY R.K. NARAYAN FROM THE BOOK A TREASURE TROVE OF SHORT STORIES.

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Truly, the astrologer looks the part. He dresses in his holy attire. He has his professional equipment:

An Astrologer's Day” opens as its title character arrives at his workplace, at midday, and as usual spreads his charts and other fortune-telling props before him,

While he may look professional, the astrologer has other ways that are essential to his success:

He has a practical knowledge of the common problems of most people: “marriage, money, and the tangles of human ties.” His sharp eyes, used to scanning for customers, make people believe he has an unusual ability to tell people's fortunes.

No doubt, the astrologer is shrewed. He is extremely careful in his judge of character. He has a deep understanding of human nature. He uses this to ensure success in his chosen profession. With his sharp eyes, he can scan the surroundings for potential clients. His clients see the gleam in his eye and take it for a sign that he is a genuine astrologer with a prophetic gifting. 

Truly, the astrologer knows how to ask the right questions. He gets his clients talking about their troubles and before long he has enough information to carry out his prediction of the future:

Long practice had sharpened his perception. Within five minutes he understood what was wrong. He charged three paise8 per question, never opened his mouth till the other had spoken for at least ten minutes, which provided him enough stuff for a dozen answers and advices.

The astrologer is very intelligent. He listens very carefully for at least ten minutes. He is patient. By the time the client has shared his or her story, he has enough information to make a prediction. He appears genuine. He not only looks the part but he acts the part and convinces his clients of his authenticity. No doubt, he has the characteristics that are essential to his success as an astrologer. 

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