Other than drinking the potion, give three examples of Juliet as a risk taker in "Romeo and Juliet"?

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Juliet is one of Shakespeare's stronger female characters. First of all, she defies her family by having a relationship with Romeo-the two Houses are at war, and he should be her enemy. Even worse, she falls in love with Romeo and risks all by marrying him in secret. Then she vows to run away with him, deserting her family, choosing her lover over her mother and father, a true teenage dilemma. Unfortunately, she dies prior to the lovers' planned escape.

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The first example happens in Act 2.  Juliet talks to Romeo in the garden, even though she knows that he is the enemy and she knows that her nurse is just inside.  The Nurse could have come out and seen everything in a moment.  Not only does Juliet talk to Romeo, but she agrees to meet him the next day.

Juliet sends her Nurse the next day to arrange the meeting with Romeo.  Although the Nurse obviously proves to be a faithful servant, it was dangerous to bring another person in on her plan.  The  Nurse could have told the Capulets, causing many sorts of punishment on Juliet.

Juliet marries Romeo without telling her family.  Risky!

Then, Juliet invites Romeo into her bedroom - into  her parents' house.  At any moment, they could have been caught, but Juliet risks this for a night with her secret husband.  I think we can conclude that her behavior was risky all-around!


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