Other than Britain and France,did other countries fight in the battle of Waterloo?and who was the leader of those countries during the battle

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rrteacher eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Troops from several other countries fought at Waterloo. When Napoleon returned to France from exile on Elba, nations throughout Europe joined in what was known as the Seventh Coalition to raise an army to defeat him. Forces from Great Britain (under the Duke of Wellington) and Prussia (under Gebhard von Blucher) made up the bulk of the armies opposing Napoleon at Waterloo. There were also a significant number of troops from the Netherlands, as well as the German states of Brunswick and especially Hanover. The Dutch, Brunswick, and Hanoverian forces were under the command of the Duke of Wellington, so there were essentially two armies arrayed against Napoleon. Blucher's forces were not engaged at first, being several miles away when the battle began, but began appearing after the first hour or so, and played a significant role in the outcome. 

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