Other than Abigail, who is most responsible for the Salem witch trials in The Crucible

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Other than Abigail Williams, one could argue that either Thomas Putnam or Deputy Governor Danforth share the most responsibility for spreading the witchcraft hysteria and supporting the corrupt proceedings, which result in the deaths of many innocent citizens. Thomas Putnam is the first citizen to physically threaten Tituba and suggests that Sarah Good and Goody Osburn are involved in witchcraft, which provides Tituba with a way out and ignites the hysteria. Thomas's pressure and opposition towards Reverend Parris also increases Parris's anxiety, which in turn motivates him to support the corrupt court and align himself with Danforth and Judge Hathorne. Thomas Putnam also perpetuates the witchcraft hysteria by telling his daughter to accuse George Jacobs of colluding with the devil so that he can buy George's forfeited land. Vengeful, greedy individuals like Thomas Putnam manipulate the proceedings for their own benefit, which perpetuates the witchcraft hysteria.

Deputy Governor...

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