Why is papa being held in a detention center? 

Expert Answers
sciftw eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In the book The Other Side of Truth, Papa is a writer for a newspaper.  He is the kind of writer and reporter that people enjoy reading, but he is not the kind of writer that governments and corporations typically like.  He writes the truth no matter what, which says a lot about his moral integrity.  “The truth is the truth. How can I write what’s untrue?”  

However, his latest article has gotten him into some trouble.  He wrote an article criticizing government officials and Nigerian leaders for sending their children to European and American schools.  Papa takes offense at this because Nigerian schools are failing.  Those leaders are doing nothing to help the Nigerian schools because their children don't attend them anyway. 

The decision is made to get Papa and his children out of the country.  The children are successfully spirited away to London to live with another family member, but Papa can't leave because his passport was confiscated.  

Much later, Papa is placed in a European detention center in England. He tried to join his family using a false passport and is struggling with being granted asylum.