Discuss how The Other Side of Truth explores human dilemmas as Sade and Femi struggle with the new realities that life in London imposed upon them.

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I think that there is much to be said regarding how Sade and Femi struggle with new realities, but do so in a uniquely human manner.  Their situation is specific, but also universal.  One reason why this is the case is because of how the reconfiguration of time impacts both of them.  Their move to London is meant to make their present and future potentially better than remaining amidst the corruption of Nigeria.  However, the past never leaves their mindset.  Sade's retreat into a world where honesty is suspect because of fear of trusting others is reflective of how the past influences her present and future.  In this way, Sade experiences a human dilemma in that the past never really leaves the individual.  The human dilemma of trying to start a new life in the shadow of the old one is a timeless one.  While Sade and Femi struggle with this reality in London, they are playing out a rather human element of consciousness in terms of trying to start a new amidst a challenging past.

Another aspect of a human dilemma while struggling with new realities of London life would be how there is a lack of clear resolution.  There is hope in that the family will be reunited.  However, it is far from a guarantee.  There is no permanent alleviation of the intimidation, mistrust, and pain that both children have experienced in London.  Emotionally, both of them are distant from redemptive human contact.  There is an intimation at restoration in the father's promise that the family will remain intact.  Yet, there is little in way of absolutism regarding it.  The reality is that Sade and Femi carry scars on their psyches which will impact their lives. Little can be done to alleviate such a burden.  This is a human dilemma that reflects the intensely painful condition of those who have been victim to political and personal forms of cruelty.  Sade and Femi struggle with this in London and Naidoo depicts how their own specific narratives unfold.  However, the cruelty imposed on the children from a variety of sources as well as the suffering that results from it are parts of a universal human experience.  It is in this ability to blend both subjective and objective conditions where The Other Side of Truth explores Sade's and Femi's struggle with the new realities of life in London as part of a universally human condition.

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