Other "Fausts"I know that Marlowe is not the first or the last to deal with Faust.  Who are some of the others and what did they add or delete from the story?

albertadams | Student

As the Thomas Mann novel demonstrates Dr. Faust is but a name label. Is not Faust more then a name? Is not a Faust, Faustian in this world whether called Adrian Leverkuhn or "by any other name"?

What then are the most differentiating characteristics of this 'type' of person?

From another angle, because Faust is an archetype more then a real and specific person why is Faust not 'Every man and woman' living in the 21st century?

jtp8r | Student

In addition to Christopher Marlowe, many other writers, musicians, and artists have drawn inspiration from the Faust legend.  The most famous of these is arguably the German poet and polymath Goethe, who expanded it into an enormous, two-part meditation on culture, politics, and the human condition.  In this version, Faust ultimately finds salvation.  Goethe's version is the basis for two major operas: Faust by Charles Gounod and Mefistofele by Arrigo Boito.  In addition, German novelist Thomas Mann updated the legend, placing it within the context of the 20th century.  Washington Irving's novel "The Devil and Tom Walker," as well as Oscar Wilde's "The Picture of Dorian Gray," proceed similarly.