How do Othello and Brabantio see Desdemonda's reaction to Othello differently?

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Brabantio and Othello see Desdemona's love of Othello in naturally different lights.  The irony is that this love was sanctioned from the same source.  The reservoir from which this love is drawn upon is when Brabantio invites Othello to his home to entertain he and his guests with his military exploits.  It is this very reason why Desdemona becomes enticed with Othello.  From her father's action, Desdemona begins to love Othello.  In the end, there is a very ironic statement being made in such a configuration.  When the father thought he had control in bringing Othello into his home, he actually lost it.  Brabantio cannot believe that Desdemona loves Othello, and is convinced of some type of spell having been put over his daughter.  He has difficulty grasping that her love of Othello is rooted in the fact that the father brought him to the home.  In this light and when the father hears this being the reason of the love between both from both, Brabantio relinquishes all association with his daughter.

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