Orlando Questions and Answers
by Virginia Woolf

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Orlando is a mock-biography about a 350 year old male-female poet. Elucidate the sex change and its context in Chapter 3.

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In Virginia Woolf’s Orlando, the eponymous protagonist undergoes a sex change in chapter 3. The character’s transition from man to woman occurs suddenly and quickly, but much context surrounds this sudden change. Until then, Orlando is an attractive and wealthy English nobleman who appreciates art and adventure.

The beginning of chapter 3 begins with a disclaimer from the narrator who admits that

It is, indeed, highly unfortunate, and much to be regretted that at this stage of Orlando's career, when he played a most important part in the public life of his country, we have least information to go upon...We have done our best to piece out a meagre summary...but often it has been necessary to speculate, to surmise, and even to use the imagination.

Involved in diplomatic negotiations between King Charles and high Turkish officials, Orlando conducts important government business at a luxurious residence in Constantinople. While diligently discharging his diplomatic duties often wining and...

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