The original writings and correspondence of the two richard hakluyt In the article "The original writings and correspondence of the two richard hakluyt", in Viewpoint 1B, In what respects do the authors of the two viewpoints differ in predicting the difficulties in surviving in the new world?

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While we cannot know exactly what answer you're looking for without the precise excerpt, generally speaking, the Hakluyts did not emphasize the difficulties of surviving in the New World. They were writing to point out the benefits of settlement. They claimed that the New World could be an outlet for undesirable people in England, even if some of them had to be forced (sentenced) to go there. They were writing to encourage settlement, and were not interested in playing up its challenges. Beyond discussions of diseases and hostile Indians, Hakluyt's description of the colonies, drawn mostly from the experiences of the Spanish and French colonizers, didn't focus on the hardships of settlement.

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