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The media's portrayal of organized crime vs. reality...
  • How does this entertainment interest hinder the accuracy of the public's perceptions of domestic and international organized crime?

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People have always enjoyed hearing or seeing stories about people on the other side of the law; for, there is something intriguing about these people. Nonetheless, most of the these people meet death or punishment, so they are not glorified.  Sometimes, however. the film industry does glorify the depiction of organized crime to a certain extent.

To the extent that criminals epitomize selfish and irresponsible behavior, I think it's possible to worry about the ways in which they are often depicted in the media, since the media do indeed sometimes tend to glamorize irresponsible behavior.

The mafia as it once existed may have declined in power, but the influence of gangs seems to have grown in the meantime. It would be interesting to see if there is any cause and effect relationship between the kinds of entertainment preferred by gang members and the kinds of behavior practiced by gang members. This would be a fascinating topic to research. A quick search of the internet turned up these...

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