Which two traits do you think are most like those of managers in large companies? consider the six personality characteristics of entrepreneurs( internal locus of control, high energy level, need to achieve, self-confidence, awareness of passing time, and tolerance of ambiguity). Which two traits do you think are most like those of managers in large companies? which two are least like those of managers in large companies?

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In a large company, the two traits needed for managers are the need to achieve and self confidence.  This is because their number one goal is lead a successful comapany, therefore, they need to want to set and reach goals.  Self-confidence is necessary because s/he needs to believe that they are making the right decisions.  The least needed traits are awareness of passing time and tolerance of ambiguity.  A manager at a large company will not put with ambiguity or vagueness.  They usually want definitive answers and solutions to any problems. A large company runs much differently than a small company and managers require a different skill set to be successful.


I actually think that the larger the company, the more tolerance for ambiguity is needed. Good managers, I would argue, understand that the world can't be understood in blacks and whites, and that decisions bring consequences that have to be weighed against their benefits. I also think self-confidence is high on the list,...

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