Are organizational behaviour theories and concepts only useful for managers? Give reasons and examplescritically evaluate and give out reasons and examples following each.

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The model of business hierarchical relationships is dependent on the answer to this question.  For example, someone who subscribes to Weber's model of organizational management and behavior would believe that strict record keeping as well as structure that disseminates information from top to bottom necessitates that theories of management is essential for only management.  At the same time, someone who believes in Barnard's theory of management would believe in the opposite.  The reason is because a business, according to Barnard, of any kind is driven to succeed by its role as a communication system.  Regardless of what it does, the business embodies communication because the management's ability to communicate to the workers will transmit to an acceptance theory of both structure and message of managing entities.  Accordingly, employees must understand what is being communicated, how it is delivered, and feel confident that the message being communicated is consistent with the company's mission.  If one accepts this premise, then organizational behavior theories and concepts are critical components that have to be communicated to workers for it sustains credibility of the power structure and the company, in general.