Organizational Behavior Review the typical stages in a team's life cycle forming,storming,norming,performing,and adjourning. Think of a time when you were a member of a work team.1) Were all those stages represented?2) Did they appear in a different order?3) Did some of them emerge more than once?4) Explain.

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I have been involved in a few team situations. Norming is really one of the most important stages. It does depend largely on the team leader, but I think it depends more on having a critical mass of team members who are cooperative. Even then, there is often at least one person (but usually two so they can commiserate) who does not cooperate. Getting those non-cooperators to norm is key to keeping a successful team. If they don't norm, the whole thing could fall apart.
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The last life cycle phase I've often heard as "mourning" instead of "adjourning."  Interesting difference.

I was once involved in a corporate process in which two factions of the company were unwillingly forced together to labor on a project.  The "Storming" phase happened first, and sadly, little else after.  

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