Organic molecules have been found on meteorites arriving on Earth. What are the implications of the existence of organic molecules in the cosmos for the origin of life on Earth?

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jerichorayel eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Currently, there is no concrete evidence supporting the origin of life on earth. However, there are evidences that support the formation of life from non-living organisms. Other scientists also suggest that there might be an ”outside” contributors that helped in the formation of life on earth. One of this is the discovery of organic materials on meteorites that have arrived on earth. 

We know that organic molecules are products of organisms. Meaning they participate in growth and metabolisms. They postulated that the first life is not really a living things instead a group of complex organic molecules that uses the energy in the environment in order to replicate and eventually form life. From the organic molecules they come up with the idea of the very first RNA. With enough materials and energy, the first RNA starts replicating until it can produce proteins that eventually support life.