Is Orestes a tragic hero or a mother killer?id like to know your opinion related to this in a essay writen form to explain the both of them and the motives

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In this particular prompt, finding textual evident to support your findings will be critical.  I think you can use the forum here to generate thought and discussion, but you will need specific textual evidence to support and substantiate your findings. I certainly believe that Oresetes will not be able to escape the fact that he is the murder of his mother.  There will be little to dispute this fact.  The larger question might be whether he was justified in doing so.  This might be an area where you can ponder and analyze, based on what is in the text.  On the tragic hero sentiment, perhaps one can make the argument that Orestes is following the will of the Oracle in the process, and this might make him tragic.  Yet, the critical element in the tragic hero would be some particular fault or hamartia that causes their downfall.  This would have to be explored and clearly identified in the case of Orestes.