is the ordered pair (2,-5) a solution to the equation 4+3x=2y? show work

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4+3x = 2y


In an ordered pair the firs letter denotes the x coordinate and the second denote the y coordinate. For example if the pair is (a,b) then a is the x coordinate and b is the y coordinate.

So if an ordered pair satisfies an equation when you substitute respective x and y coordinate the equation should equate to 0.


4+3x = 2y

4+3x-2y = 0

Now here our left hand side will become 0 when a ordered pair satisfies the equation.


For our ordered pair x = 2 and y = -5

Now substituting these values for the left in above gives;


= 4+6+10

= 20


Since left hand side not equate to 0 the ordered pair does not satisfy the equation.


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