In order to show respectful workplace diversity, there are various types of communication needs that are required in a community services organization. With reference to the diversity of the staff and local community, identify 3 types of internal or external communication needs that could result in competing or conflicting interests. Describe why each one is a competing or conflicting interest.

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Internal and external communication as it pertains to workplace diversity is an important topic for any company to address.

Internal communication refers to employees, human resources, newly-hired employees—anyone who is part of the company on a day-to-day basis. Transparency with everyone in the company is used to regulate and manage information, whether it be policies, benefit changes (like insurance), or changes in management. Internal communication denotes having a team approach to the efforts of the organization and encourages productivity. In essence, it helps to get the employees excited to be part of the company.

External communication includes information about the company given to the public, stockholders, investors, marketing, even the media to encourage and build the branding of the organization.

When the workforce (employees) are from different cultures and countries, there may be a risk of language barriers that impact the internal and external communication process. This is where workplace diversity training is a huge benefit to organizations. Some larger companies hire interpreters and diversity trainers to help employees work through communication difficulties and challenges and break the diversity barrier.

Sociologically speaking, the negative effects of diversity are self-imposed and flourish under poor leadership. Cultural and ethnic diversity, along with the presence of multiple perspectives, benefits a company—especially when the company is focusing on a team-building or "all hands on deck" approach to the growth of the organization.

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