Oral PresentationI have an oral presentation to write on the following quote. "No-one would remember the Good Samaritan if he'd only had good intentions. He had money as well." – Margaret...

Oral Presentation

I have an oral presentation to write on the following quote.

"No-one would remember the Good Samaritan if he'd only had good intentions. He had money as well." – Margaret Thatcher

I need ideas and examples of people or events that can relate to the quote.


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Well, as a speech teacher I'm going to give you format first and content second (sorry...it's the nature of the beast!)

Since you are trying to persuade your audience of this fact, I suggest you use Monroe's Motivated Sequence as a template for your speech. Under Monroe's you construct your points as follows:

Hey - Pay attention (Use a startling quote or statistic or a rhetorical question to get audience attention.)

You- This affects you (Tell the audience how this topic will affects them personally. Most people will tune out if they feel the topic doesn't pertain to them.

See- See, I have the answer. Here is where you lay out your points and supporting evidence to prove your points.

So- Call to action. Ask you audience to take an action if you have persuaded them of the value of your topic.

As to content, you could share stories like the posters above gave you, or also include research that shows how money changes people... like the data found at the link below:


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The quote certainly has a biting tone to it, almost as if it is saying that it wasn't the condition of the Good Samaritan's heart, nor his willingness to help, but simply his ability because he was wealthy.  If this is how you read it, I wonder if you could somehow work into this speech any ideas about Oprah, and her outward displays of "compassion" and "giving" by handing out brand new cars to full audiences every year.  There are many who look at the "Favorite Things" episode as a bigger act of commercialism than of compassion.

I tend to disagree with the quote on which you must speak.  I actually believe the Good Samaritan is remembered because he's a societal outcast, and helps anyway.  If I were presenting this, I'd use the above examples as my introduction, a way of guiding my audience into the very different example set by the Good Samaritan.

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I am reminded of a news story a couple of years ago about an elderly African-American woman who worked for many, many years.  She lived in a very little home with only the necessities.  But, when she died, she left a million dollars as a scholarship for African-American students in the local high school.  Certainly, this modest woman who saved for others will long be remembered in her community.

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