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The patients with HIV infection, especially when the infection has reached the stage of AIDS, is very weak, both because the disease itself, that because of chronic character, consumes energy and nutrient reserves, and due to treatment. On this ground may occur a number of diseases, called opportunistic. These may be relatively well supported by a previously healthy person, but on a background of HIV infection, they may be real havoc.

Nature opportunistic diseases can be infections (both bacterial and fungal, and especially parasitic), and cancer. One of these opportunistic diseases is   non - Hodgkin lymphoma, whose frequency of occurrence is relatively high among HIV patients, but it remains in fewer limits in the general population. Due to a high frequency in HIV patients  non - Hodgkin's lymphoma is termed , in this context,as HIV-associated lymphoma.

Acquired human immunodeficiency virus is a pathogen that attacks and weakens the immune system of the host. Lymphoma Non - Hodgkin's is also a disease of the immune system, characterized by the chaotic proliferation , totally relieved of control, of the abnormal immune cells. Both diseases severely weakening immunity of the individual, but related, are particularly dangerous. HIV can take a long period in which the patient's condition is fairly compensated, since no major health problems occuring, but if proceeding towards the terminal stage, the AIDS, the prognosis is often unfavorable, death occurring within months. HIV patient can survive in good condition for years, AIDS being the most dangerous stage.

It is important to note that non- Hodgkin's lymphoma can also occur independently of HIV or other infections with severe potential. The mere diagnosis of this type of lymphoma does not mean that the patient has a latent HIV infection or that a doctor does not want to tell him.Non- Hodgkin's lymphoma occurs in the HIV-related opportunistic diseases, as appearing of pneumonia, candidiasis, sarcomas. HIV infection does not necessarily mean the appearance of non Hodgkin's lymphoma  non - Hodgkin's does not mean that the patient is infected or will be diagnosed with HIV.

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AIDS as we already know is an IMMUNODEFICIENCY DIS,weakening our immune system,so body's defensive power to cope with diff dis is reduced & body get prone to diff inf .

These are known as OPPORTUNISTIC INF,these might be not able to cause dis except in the state of IMMUNOSUPPRESSION.

Diff OPP DIS in case of AIDS r -



-M.avium complex






















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