Does the contrast between the dialects in "Sweat" undermine the author's attempt to present portrayals of African-Americans?  

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In Zora Neal Hurston's "Sweat," many of the black, working-class characters in the story speak in a rural, southern African American Vernacular English dialect. The use of this dialect between the characters is incredibly important to uphold the authenticity of the characters and the time and place in which the short story is set. Zora Neal Hurston does not use the same deep southern AAVE when narrating the story that she has the characters use in their dialogue with each other. This contrast does not undermine the story at all in its portrayal of black conversation, as black folks all over the country have different ways of speaking, as individuals and as communities rooted in specific experiences and cultural ties.

The dialect spoken in "Sweat" is undoubtedly authentic as well as intentional,...

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