How is Ophelia a foil as well as a parallel to Hamlet?

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Ophelia and Hamlet's lives run parallel in some key ways. Both have lost a parent prematurely, and both have suffered great disappointment at the hands of someone that he or she trusts, of the opposite sex. For Hamlet, that person is his mother; for Ophelia, that person is Hamlet. They are also both weak.

I think Hamlet would have trusted Ophelia if she would have been trustworthy, but she was not. It is difficult to conceive of the depths of her naiivite--if it is in fact that. That she could be oblivious to the events happening in the castle seems inconceivable, and yet she seems to have no inkling about how desperately Hamlet needs a friend. Instead, she allows herself to participate in a scam to trap him into revealing his feelings for her. This would suggest that Ophelia is somewhat superficial intellectually, and immature emotionally.

In this respect, she is...

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