Find a news item within the past 6 months about a company that has benefitted from enterprise resource planning. - Describe the company briefly...

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Gorant Chocolatier is a specialty self serve candy manufacturing enterprise. The range of products they produce include sugar mints and chocolates. The company started in Youngstown, Ohio and has since opened more stores within the surrounding area. The candy plant is located at Market Street in Boardman, Ohio and this is where all the chocolate products are manufactured. The company sells and distributes the candy to greetings store throughout the country.

The company practices traditional processing of chocolate which is done predominantly by hand. Their manufacturing process which includes the mixing of ingredients in large copper pots to cutting up the molds into pieces is done manually.

The company invested in an ERP system by SYSPRO. The system has enabled the company to effectively track their labor and ensure appropriate costing. According to Mary Ann Yerage the purchasing manager at Gorant Chocolatier states "We [now] have better visibility of inventory, know the location of all raw materials and the ability to see manufacturing and retail quantities in one system".