operant conditioning, shaping,  roommate make  bed .  label  antecedent stimulus, response,  reinforcement, self-regulation for the roommate. no

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I am unsure as to what you are asking in the above statement.  If you are asking about the different types of behavior modification I can help you.

Operant conditioning is the use of consequences to mold behavior.  With operant conditioning reinforcement, punishment, and extinction are used.

Shaping is "The differential reinforcement of successive approximations."

Antecedents are what happens before a subject displays a behavior.  An example would be:  someone knocks at the door and the dog barks.  The antecedent would be the knock at the door.

Reinforcement is a response to an event to either increase or decrease its occurrence.  A positive reinforcement would be to add a stimulus to increase a behavior.  A negative reinforcement would be to remove a stimulus to increase a behavior.

Self-regulation is the ability to exert self control and manage one's emotions and behaviors.

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