Is the opening paragraph in "Superman and Me" carefully developed? Does the writer include the time of Alexie's essay as well as a short summary?

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The opening paragraph of the story "Superman and Me" is carefully developed, and while it includes quite a bit of information about Alexie and about the story, it does not include a full summary of the story. It does tell the reader exactly when the story starts (when Alexie was 3 years old and learned to read, and that Alexie was living on the Spokane Indian Reservation.)

The story also begins to paint the picture of the circumstances of Alexie's life, that he was poor by most standards but middle class by reservation standards. It tells us that he had a family including a brother and three sisters. He also gives you an idea that the story is about reading, not particularly about the exact issue of the comic he read or about Superman, those details are irrelevant because it is about his journey as a reader and writer rather than the moment he read that first comic book.

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