In the opening paragraph, Montresor speaks of carrying out his revenge with "impunity"—with freedom from risk or punishment. Give a step-by-step account of his plan.

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In order to ensure that he succeeds in getting his revenge on Fortunato Montresor concocts an elaborate plan to ensure that he will succeed and will never be caught. The first part of his plan is to convince Fortunato to come with him to his families' underground vault. In order to do this he tells Fortunato that he has purchased a very rare wine and wants Fortunato to help him determine if it is authentic. He knows that Fortunato will be unable to resist the chance to try this rare wine and demonstrate his great knowledge of wine. The second part of his plan is to make sure that all of his servants are gone for the night when he brings Fortunato home. In order to do this he tells them that he will be gone and needs them to watch the residence. He knows that they will take it as an opportunity to leave and leave the residence deserted. Once they reach the vaults Montresor leads Fortunato deep into the vaults in pursuit of the "Amontillado." In reality, he leads Fortunato to a remote passage where he has removed part of the wall to trap Fortunato. He leads Fortunato into the hole where he chains him to a wall and then fills the hole in the wall. Fortunato is never seen or heard from again.

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