How does Vera confirm the fact that Framton Nuttel does not know her aunt well at all in "The Open Window"?

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mwestwood eNotes educator| Certified Educator

It is a precocious girl who comes downstairs to keep Framton Nuttel company while he awaits Mrs. Stappleton. Under the guise of showing interest in him, Vera asks him if he knows anyone around the area, and Framton replies, "Hardly a soul." Further, Framton informs her that he has letters of introduction to some of the people in the area, another indication that confirms that he does not know anyone. Vera then asks Framton if he knows anything about her aunt, and he replies, "Only her name and address."

Fueled by this information about Framton Nuttel, Vera gives reign to her penchant for "romance at short notice" and fabricates a tale about her male relatives' fateful hunting accident that contains enough truth to cause a terrified reaction from Framton when the men actually do return. Certainly, her clever blurring of the lines between imagination and reality are fueled by Framton's ingenuousness.

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