From Crane's "The Open Boat," describe a character's quote that has significance relating to the theme of Humanity versus Nature.

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One of the most arresting quotes regarding the theme of Humanity versus Nature is the correspondents simple remark, which is important for its very subtlety: "Wish I had known you were awake."

He had been manning the oar at night while others slept. It chanced that Nature happened to present itself anew in the form of a prowling shark. The correspondent was fearful and ill at ease the whole night because of it. When he looked round the open boat, he saw all his comrades asleep from exhaustion. So he faced the dark, shark dominated night alone.

In the morning, he and the captain have this exchange:

"Did you see that shark playing around?"

"Yes, I saw him. He was a big fellow, all right."

"Wish I had known you were awake."

Pertaining to the theme, this remark indicates two important ideas. The first is that when facing Nature's dangerous side, one ultimately always faces it alone--you may have help, but ultimately your random survival or demise is your own. The second is that regardless of the solitary quality of humanity's confrontation with Nature, what is yearned for is companionship and togetherness.

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