What adjectives could be used to describe Slim in chapter 2 from Of Mice and Men?

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Although he is a worker on the ranch, not its owner, Slim is its leader and its soul. He is honest, sincere, careful, and in some ways otherworldly, as he seems too good to be real.

When George and Lennie arrive, the character of Slim is introduced by the boss as a “big tall skinner” and assigns them to work with his team. In addition to a physical snapshot, this mention indicates that he is a leader. When they get to the bunkhouse, the old swamper who chats with them also refers to Slim as skinner and says he is a “helluva nice fella.” In contrast to Curley, with his exaggerated rancher style, Slim is described as practical—the swamper that “don’t need to wear no high-heeled boots.”

George and Lenny, along with the reader, also hear Slim before they see him. He is overheard outside the bunkhouse speaking with Curley’s wife, who is standing in the doorway. When he enters, he is described as “a tall man” with “long, black, damp hair” that he is combing while he holds...

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