online Music class?i am taking an on-line music class but its confusing. how am i supposed to learn music on a computer??

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In a music appreciation class, you are probably going to be listening to many famous and easily accessible pieces.  Do not forget about your local library as so often there are recordings that you can check out as well as reference books available to you.  In this way, you can coordinate traditional learning with the modern approach.

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It depends a lot on the kind of topics that your course is going to cover. This is something that presumably you will have looked into before signing up for the class. However, at the same time, be very aware that technology has become so advanced and this is spilling over into education. It is now possible to do so many more things through computers and the internet and more and more colleges are offering online courses in a huge variety of subjects. If you are still concerned, you might want to consider speaking to your tutor about your worries.

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Music appreciation means you'll be looking for common patterns between different pieces of music, based on styles of music that were popular at certain times in history, use of certain instruments to create particular moods, and so on. This will involve listening to and comparing compositions, but it will include resources and activities beyond just listening to the computer. Give yourself time to get acquainted with the website and all its possibilities. You may be very pleasantly surprised.

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Music appreciation and music history should be easily adaptable to an online course. You will be learning more about the composers and the times they lived in rather than the music itself. Some music appreciation classes will ask you to learn to recognize specific composers. You might be asked to listen to a piece of music and name the title, composer, etc. Of course, you will be instructed in these pieces of music as you move through the course. Again, most courses of the nature deal more with the facts behind the music rather than the music itself. I doubt you'll have any trouble taking an online course.
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I have to agree with the other posters...don't panic. To fully understand your concern, it would help if we knew what kind of class you are taking. Like stated before, music appreciation is very different from learning an instrument. That being said, many people learn how to play an instrument from on-line sites and instructional videos.An on-line class should not be that different. I am sure your fears will be calmed once you see a syllabus and receive instructions from your teacher.


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As long as it's music appreciation, I don't think it ought to be a problem.  In fact, it might be easier than doing the class in person since you can listen to all the pieces of music right there at your computer whenever you want.  So it really shouldn't be that bad...

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First, don't panic. There are probably instructions and links for help included. The music to which you will listen is certainly conducive to the computer, so that shouldn't be a problem. Text information shouldn't be much different from reading from a book, and you should probably have some graphic instruction to make things easy. Good luck--it should get easier once you are familiar with the site.

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It really depends on your class. Have you started? Some online music classes are very well-designed, and include lots of opportunities for you to record yourself or listen to recorded music. If it's a music theory class, that's fairly easy. If you are learning how to play an instrument, that's another story.