In one year the earth will get struck by lightning 3.15 times 10 to the 9th power times. Calculate the unit rate for the amount of times lightning will strike the earth each week of the year. Round your answer to the nearest hundredth 

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Although this is technically a science question, we will be using math in order to solve it.

In order to work out your answer, you will have to divide the total lightning strikes by the number of weeks in the year. This will give you your unit rate per week.

3.15 x 10^9 strikes / 52 weeks = .0606 x 10^9 strikes / week

This figure is not in correct scientific notation, and we must change our figure so that it is expressed as a number between one and ten, and change the "power" to reflect the change.

.0606 x 10^9 strikes / week = 6.06 x 10 ^7 strikes / week

These two figures are equivalent; both mean six million, sixty thousand, or 60,060,000. 

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