In One Writer's Beginnings, how does author Eudora Welty foreshadow her eventual epiphany and writing style?

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One Writer's Beginnings, by Eudora Welty, is her Pulitzer Prize–winning collection of autobiographical essays based on three lectures she gave at Harvard University on "Listening," "Learning to See," and "Finding a Voice." In these essays--especially in "Listening"--Eudora Welty explains how in her youth listening and eavesdropping would later become essential to her as a writer, helping her to understand the cadence of words and how they worked together to shape sentences and lines. She recounts how she could hear her father shaving, her mother cooking, and them both whistling a shared tune. Moments like this would later influence how she incorporated sounds and tender moments into her own short stories.

Additionally, Welty's mother would constantly read to her, even while cooking, which would...

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