one should not fear death as it is an integral part of endless cycle nature how is thi statement brought in the poem - because i could not stop for deaththis is for an essay

naldskee27 | Student

The Poem created or written by Emily Dickinson entitled; “Because I could not stop for Death“ is giving us pieces of information that as a human we will surely face death or destined to death, but weren’t actually sure when is the day we will say goodbye to this world/ The good thing there about the poem is that, while we are still leaving and not yet to face death we should do all things that will surely leave a mark in the heart of our love ones as in creating a legacy. Yes we can’t deny that we will sooner or later face death, but one thing for sure is we trust the Almighty Creator by our faith in Him that we will still leave for eternity after the life on Earth.


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