Give one reason people support totalitarianism.

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It might seem very odd that anyone would support a totalitarian government. However, we are perhaps only looking at things from the perspective of a stable democracy. Not all people have his privilege. For many people, especially if we look at things from a historical perspective, there was great chaos and instability, not to mention corruption, death, and great injustice. 

In light of this context, sometimes you need a strong government to step in, even if it is a totalitarian government. In other words, some order is better than complete chaos where everyone does what seems best in his or her own eyes. 

Moreover, we need to keep in mind that at times, strong governments were not always evil. Some tyrannies in Greece, for example, did a lot of good to establish prosperity and peace. Finally, it should be mentioned that there are variation within the ideology of totalitarianism. 

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