One of the proles reacts negatively to a violent scene in a movie. Why does Winston believe nothing will happen to her?  

Expert Answers
gmuss25 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

While Winston is at the movies, he watches as a middle-aged prole woman begins to shout and fuss at the senseless violence in the film. One of the scenes of the movie shows a helicopter drop a bomb onto a lifeboat full of children. Upon seeing this, the prole woman begins to shout that they shouldn't have shown the scene in front of her child. Winston then watches as the police turn to her but mentions that he supposes nothing will happen to the woman because nobody cares what the proles say or do. Winston realizes that proles have certain freedoms that Party members do not have. Proles are essentially considered animals and are believed to be too ignorant to revolt against the Party. Proles are allowed to indulge in sex, drink alcohol, and are lightly monitored by Big Brother. Unlike Party members, they are not subjected to twenty-four-hour surveillance and are relatively left alone to live as they want.

missy575 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Winston understands the distinction between the proles and the Outer Party and the Inner Party. The proles are not of a concern to Big Brother. Winston is on the outskirts of the Outer Party having the privilege of working at the Ministry of Truth. Winston knows nothing will happen to her because she is not strong enough in thought to revolt. Therefore, the Thought Police will not worry about her. The people of concern to them are those in Winston's position. These people have enough knowledge to question the purposes of Big Brother and they have the will within them somewhere to revolt should they choose. This prole woman is not worth it.