One problem I face that no one else faces is what?

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This is an exceptionally interesting question. Given the diversity of problems in the world, and also given that I know nothing about you, there is really only one answer that is guaranteed to make sense. The problem you face that no one else faces is this: given the precise mosaic of talents, failings and other characteristics that you possess, how can you become the best version of yourself and avoid being the worst version?

When attempting to address this problem, you may, of course, draw on examples from people you admire, but your situation will never be exactly the same as theirs. You will need, at the very least, to adapt their approaches to fit your own needs. You will also probably have a number of influences even in a single field. If you want to be a writer, for instance, there is not much point in thinking: "Shakespeare was the greatest writer. I must copy Shakespeare." This is the way to become a pale imitation of Shakespeare, rather than the best version of yourself as an author. You will want to imbibe the influence of a myriad of different writers, ancient and modern, to find your own voice and discover what you really want to say.

The obverse of this point is to avoid becoming the worst version of yourself. This does not mean worrying about becoming a serial killer unless, of course, you are tempted to become a serial killer, in which case you should certainly take whatever steps you can to avoid that outcome. Probably, however, your faults are more mundane. It is your unique problem to identify these faults and work out how to overcome or minimize them. In this, as in making the most of your strengths, the good and bad examples of others are certain to play a role.

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