Who is one of the Prime Ministers who helped the working class in England?

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This is a matter of opinion because it is hard to say what sort of actions help the working class.  Are they only those actions that the working class approve of, or are they ones that help the working class (but which the working class don't like at the time that they are put in place)?

I would argue that Margaret Thatcher helped the working class in England a great deal.  When she came to office, England was in very bad shape economically.  You can argue that this came from years of a Labour government that tended towards socialism.  Thatcher's own policies were not all that popular with the working classes and, especially, with the labor unions.  A good example of this was the reception that her efforts to privatize industry got.

However, during her time in office, England became much stronger economically.  You can argue that the privatization movement and other intiatives of Thatcher's caused this to happen.  This helped the working class because it gave them a better economy in which they and their children could search for jobs.

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