John Proctor identifies revenge as the true evil that is afflicting Salem Village. What evidence is there to support Proctor's assertion?The Crucible, Act II

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nefranke eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Goody Putnam (Thomas Putnam's wife) has lost several babies and she blames Sarah Goode who is midwife for four of those babies which motivates Ruth Putnam to accuse Sarah Goode of witchcraft, which leads to Sarah's hanging. Also, Goody Putnam is jealous of Rebecca Nurse who has a very large family and many grandchildren, and this jealousy is one of the many reasons why Rebecca Nurse is accused and put to death. Additionally, the main accuser, Abigail Williams, is motivated by primarily by her desire to seek vengence against Elizabeth Proctor, who terminated her employment as a result of the affair between Elizabeth's husband, John, and Abigail. Giles Corey is accused and put to death because his father won a land dispute against Thomas Putnam's grandfather, who attempted to will away a portion of the elder Corey's land.

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