What is the plot of The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks?

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The Notebook starts in an nursing home where the main character and narrator, Noah Calhoun, is reading a story from a notebook at the bedside of an old woman and Alzheimer's sufferer.

He tells her of the story of the 31 year old Noah returning to his home town in North Carolina from the Second World War. At this point he has very little in his life. He has lost his best friend and has no wife or girlfriend. The girlfriend he had before he left, Allie Nelson, never returned his letters. He is therefore surprised when she arrives unannounced at his door.

She tells him that she never received his letters and guesses that her mother, who never liked Noah because of his lower social standing, hid them. Now, she says, she is engaged to a lawyer called Lon.

The two of them agree to have dinner for old times sake,...

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