the one-to-one functions g and h are defined as follows. g={(-4, -5), (1, 2), (7,1), (8, 5)} find the following: g^-1(1)= ----- h^-1(x)= (h * h^-1) (5)=

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In this question we need to find `g^(-1)` and `h^(-1)` , which are the inverse functions of the functions g and h, respectively.

The function g is given as a set of ordered pairs. To create inverse function `g^(-1)` , simply exchange x and y, or first and second coordinate, for each pair:

`g^(-1) = {(-5, -4), (2, 1), (1, 7), (5, 8)}`

Now we see that the value of `g^(-1)` of 1 is the second...

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