One newton is the ____ it takes to change the ____ of a ____ mass by ____ in one second.  

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edsilverman eNotes educator| Certified Educator

force it takes to change the acceleration of a 1kg mass by 1 meter per second in one second

neela | Student

To understand the concept of force it is necessary that one newton is defined through one kg of mass and the change of velocity by a unit of velocity.

So one Newton is the  force  required to change the velocity of  one kilogram of mass by  velocity of one meter in one socond .

But it should be noted that one newton is also a force required to change velocity 100 gm of mass by change of velocity of 10 meter in one secon.

Or  for any x kg of mass , if the change in velocity is a/x m/s in in one second the force is one newton.

Thus the definition force F = m*a, where m is kilogram and a is acceleration or  change velocity per second.

So if  m*a = 1 Newton implies m = 1/10 and change velocity = 10m/s in one second.

Or for any value m = x kg, then  a = 1/x m/s in one second holds.

krishna-agrawala | Student

One newton is the force it takes to change the velocity of 1 kilogram mass by 1 meter/second in 1 second.

Please note that rate of change in velocity is called acceleration, and "change in velocity by 1 meter/second in 1 second", may also be called "acceleration of 1 meter/(second)^2".

Newton (N) is the unit of force in the International System of Units (S.I.Units). It is defines as the force which while acting upon a mass of one kg produces an acceleration of one meter/(second)^2.

Force is the agent which produce/destroy or tends to produce/destroy motion. Quantity of force is directly proportional to the mass of the body on which the force acts and the degree of change (production or destruction) in motion. In S.I.Units, the mass of the body is measured in kilograms. The motion is measured in terms of velocity. The unit of velocity in S.I.Units is meters per second in a linear direction. The rate of change in velocity, called acceleration, is measures as the change in velocity per second.