How does the song "One Mic," by Nas, change in dynamics, tempo and articulation? 

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Tempo: the speed at which a passage of selection is played.

The tempo variation moves from initial slow instrumentals with slow vocals to double-time vocal over slow percussion.

Dynamics: the volume, the softness and loudness with which a passage or piece is played.

The dynamics vary to a crescendo of growing volume around "this is my hood" where there is also a faster tempo.

Articulation: the way in which notes are related to each other as in staccato versus legato (separate versus connected), slurred (several joined notes), accented (emphasized), or tenuto (held to full duration or a bit more also emphasised staccato).

The instrumental articulation turns from staccato to legato as is evident around "one cup, one page, one pen, one prayer."


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