In One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest, what did the fishing trip mean for each of the men?

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The fishing trip represents a resurgence of the patients' virility. Outside the asylum, the men can express themselves after McMurphy sets the tone for them. Deep sea fishing is a manly venture; added to this, there is a loose woman coming along.

Even before the men arrive at the dock, they stop to get gasoline in the doctor's car. When the gas station attendants think they are going to bully them, insisting that they need supreme gasoline and they want to buy sunglasses and other things, McMurphy steps in and gives orders to the employees. He tells them that they want regular gas at a discount of three cents a gallon less because they are on a government expedition. Then, McMurphy says that are not just ordinary patients from the asylum,

. . . we're every bloody one of us hot off the criminal insane ward, on our way to San Quentin where they got better facilities to handle us. . . . You see that big guy? He's an Indian and he beat six white men to death with a pick handle when they...

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