One of FDR's programs from the depression, which still supports the elderly and those unable to work today, is the_____ which stands for__________ Word Bank Winston Churchill, Fascism, United Nations, Harry Truman, Joseph Stalin, CCC, Brownshirts, Nazi Party, Anastasio somoza, F.D Roosevelt, SSA, Washington Conference, Blackshirts, Adolph Hitler, Dwight D Eisenhower, Douglas Macarthur, TVA, Lend-Lease Act

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Of the options you have here, three of them are programs from the Depression.  Of those, a couple are still around today.  But the correct answer for this is the SSA.  This stands for the Social Security Administration.

Social Security is the program that we all pay into when we get paid (it's taken out of your paycheck, it's why you have to have a social security number) and which we (hopefully) will all get money from when we retire.

The other two New Deal programs on here are the CCC -- Civilian Conservation Corps and the TVA -- Tennessee Valley Authority.


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