Can you provide one example of historical context in each chapter of the novel, Cold Mountain?

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    Okay. Here goes:

THE SHADOW OF A CROW:  The bloody battle of Cold Harbor is referenced.

THE GROUND BENEATH HER HANDS:  There is mention of the trench warfare in Petersburg.

THE COLOR OF DESPAIR:  The English-made Whitworth rifle, a favorite of snipers, is seen standing against the wall.

VERBS, ALL OF THEM TIRING:  Ada retold the plot of the book, Little Dorrit.

LIKE ANY OTHER THING, A GIFT:  Inman speaks of his knowledge of the brightest star of Orion and sharing it with a Tennessee boy after the battle of Fredericksburg.

ASHES OF ROSES:  Ada and Ruby meet some pilgrims who are fleeing the Federals in Tennessee and on their way to Camden, South Carolina.

EXILE AND BRUTE WANDERING:  Inman tells Veasey about the "blowup" at Petersburg (The Battle of the Crater).

SOURCE AND ROOT:  Ada talks of reading from the book, The Conduct of Life.

TO LIVE LIKE A GAMECOCK:  The yellow man tells of a breakout of prisoners at Salisbury prison.

IN PLACE OF THE TRUTH:  Ada reads from the latest North American Review.

THE DOING OF IT:  Inman dreams his dream of Fredericksburg.

FREEWILL SAVAGE:  Stobrod mentions his preference for spending time in Richmond's taverns.

BRIDE BED FULL OF BLOOD:  Inman says he "attended the fight at Sharpsburg."

A SATISIFIED MIND:  Ada is mindful of the witches of Macbeth.

A VOW TO BEAR:  Inman's mind pictures the land of Bartram.

NAUGHT AND GRIEF:  Stobrod declares that he'd probably be back in Virginia with a musket soon.

BLACK BARK IN WINTER:  Ruby describes all the landmarks needed to reach Cold Spring Knob and on to Beech Gap.

FOOTSTEPS IN THE SNOW:  Ada mentions The Ancient Mariner.

THE FAR SIDE OF TROUBLE:  Ada tells of the letters she mailed to Virginia.

SPIRITS OF CROWS DANCING:  Inman speaks to Ada of Texas, Colorado and Wyoming.

OCTOBER OF 1874:  Ada reads about Baucis and Philemon.


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