One critic wrote that Allende is capable of moving "between the personal and the political, between reality and fantasy."Do these observations apply to "And of Clay Are We Created"? Why or why not?!

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accessteacher eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Very interesting statement. I guess that what this quote is trying to explore is how Allende's works both focus on individual characters and their battles/struggles/development, but also they are equally engaged with social realities that comment and criticise and challenge. Equally, whilst her stories have fairy tale elements to them and we are swept away by her incredible storytelling abilities, they are equally grounded in reality.

This quote definitely applies to this story, because although Allende has created an unforgettable work of fiction, she has done so by weaving together the threads of a reality - the death of Omayra Sanchez in a Colombian town that suffered a landslide. It was this story and seeing this girl on TV that inspired Allende to write this story. Equally, although the tale focuses on the central character of Rolf Carle and how his relationship with Azucena changes him, it is likewise grounded in certain harsh political and societal realities. Allende uses irony to great effect to criticise firstly the reporters, and then the president, for their inability to get hold of a pump and free Azucena. Her harsh criticism is evident alongside her attention to Rolf Carle.

maxwel | Student

in my point of view when i studied the story it does in many ways from the political whem the presidnt comes to azzuenchanaand tells infront of the media that she is a role model and stuff which is a big crap just like the politiins we have know .reality yes she dies eventualy which is the end of million young people like herslef dying from the lack of resources fantsy she represnts the painful fansty side of life just like when she captured all our hearts and sometimes she visists us in our dreams hope one day we can see her from heaven hope i my answer satisfy ur knowldge

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