A piece of written composition needs not have a closing statement. True or false?

Expert Answers
M.P. Ossa eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This statement would be definitely false. When you write an essay, which is what is assumed that you mean by "composition", the closing statement is as necessary as the beginning statement. The reason is because the closing statement will re-instate at the end the thesis that was first proposed at the beginning. Moreover, the closing statement will prove that the details used to support the main thesis accurately backed up the initial idea.

All of this means that the closing statement helps the essay accomplish many things. A closing statement

  • re-establishes the main thesis by concluding whether it was supported or not
  • brings closure to the argument or topic discussed throughout the essay
  • helps to refresh the purpose of the written composition by bringing up its purpose and its results at the end

Imagine NOT needing a closing statement, a summation, of all the points that were arduously argued and described in an essay. What would be the point of arguing so much and using so many supporting details if you will not establish whether the points were properly made, or whether the thesis was correctly proven?

It is true that, throughout the essay, you have plenty of opportunities to make conclusions at the end of each paragraph with the use of the closing sentences. However, dedicating a complete statement to these conclusions helps to summarize and synthesize them with clarity, thus proving the accuracy of the writing, or investigation. 

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